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Good performance after new year

On March 2, Mr. Robert, an Australian customer, came to our company again. This is his third time to come to China and tuoou. After the first preliminary understanding, the second overall evaluation and the final success this time Mr. Robert has always stressed that he needs some high-tech, humanized and environment-friendly light steel villas, and he has not found the products he really wants in Shijiazhuang. However, he has always praised the quality and appearance of our products, which can be said to be far ahead of other companies in the local industry. In particular, the transformers and simulation model houses placed at the gate of the factory have become a signboard advertising product to attract customers.

During this trip, Mr. Robert signed orders for three European style villas. After four months of follow-up visit, the overseas department has just opened the Alibaba platform. Due to the ups and downs and fierce market competition, affected by many uncertain factors, with the joint efforts of all departments of the company, it has still achieved good sales results. Facing the next work, Mr. Robert has made great achievements in sales, Opportunities and challenges coexist. We are confident to achieve better results.

The contradiction between people’s requirements for the quality of life and the spatial location is more intense, and the light steel villa, as the balance point of the two, its comprehensive demand is increasing year by year, which is of great significance in saving space and improving the living environment.

Tuoou has been preparing for the production of new products, striving for innovation and diversified development of light steel villa. It will further strengthen the platform construction, deepen the channel layout, provide professional design scheme and improve the after-sales service system. I believe that the light steel villa project will usher in a new take-off

Post time: Mar-18-2021