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Light steel frame building system

The structural form is greatly influenced by the traditional wooden frame building in Europe. The truss is often composed of thin-walled steel or small-section steel to replace the wall bars, joists and rafters of the wooden frame building.The combination of the skeleton is generally related to the scale of the building, the mode of production, the construction conditions and the transportation capacity.Common ones are:

Unit member type building system: the building is assembled into a light steel structure framework by columns, wall bars, beams, joists, purlins, rafters and roof truss and other unit members, and then the roof is laid, wall panels and doors and Windows are installed.The joints of the skeleton are fixed by bolts and connecting plates.In order to strengthen the stability of the assembled frame, support or adjustable cross tie rods are added to the necessary parts.The building of unit component assembly, assembly is flexible, transportation is convenient, can adapt to the needs of different building space combination.However, the site construction time is longer than other installation methods.

Frame partition building system: Frame partition consisting of thin-walled steel keel used as a load-bearing skeleton structure for walls, floors and roofing to assemble the entire building.The internal and external layers and internal insulation and insulation layers as well as doors and Windows can be installed in the factory during prefabrication or in the construction site after the skeleton has been assembled.This kind of building system is similar to the plank prefabricated building, which requires fewer specifications and types of partition fans and convenient node assembly.Because most of the work can be done in the factory, the quality is higher and the construction speed is faster on site.

In the factory with thin-walled steel assembly into a room-size box skeleton, complete internal and external decoration and finish the internal insulation layer, and even the interior decoration, including lamps, curtains, carpets, sanitary facilities, even fixed furniture and so on are installed in the factory.Transported to the construction site, as long as the various boxes are ready to lift, the structure of the node and waterproof treatment, connected to the pipeline can be used.In order to reduce the volume in transportation, some box units are made into collapsible box-like components, which are transported to the site and opened during hoisting for assembly.This combination of assembly should pay attention to the stability, as well as the joint waterproof, heat preservation treatment.Some can also be made into trailer type or container type mobile housing, easy to handle.


The construction technology of light steel structure low rise residence is based on the North American style wood structure construction technology. After more than one hundred years of development, it has formed a mature construction system with excellent physical performance, flexible space and form, easy construction and various forms.In North America, known as the continent with the best living environment in the world, more than 95% of low-rise civil buildings, including residences, shopping malls, schools, office buildings and so on, are constructed with wood or light steel structure (even including our neighbors Japan and South Korea).In North America, light steel structure occupies an absolute advantage in the whole construction market.In recent years, with the rising lumber prices, the market development of light steel structure systems in North America is growing at a rapid growth rate of more than 30%, and is gradually widely accepted by the market.It is also widely adopted in our immediate neighbours Japan (where it is known as the KC system) and South Korea, as well as in Australia.In conclusion, the reasons for the rapid development of light steel structure in North America in recent years can be summarized as mature and reliable technology, flexible structural system conducive to construction and commercial development, high construction economy, advanced technology in line with the trend of environmental protection, energy conservation and sustainable development.

The output of China’s steel industry has been in the forefront of the world, but the proportion of steel in the construction industry is far lower than the level of developed countries, light steel structure low-rise civil residential building technology in line with the country’s industrial guidance to the construction industry;Each light steel structure residential project that JuQimei has participated in or presided over has aroused strong repercussion and concern from the industry insiders and relevant government departments at all levels, and has received policy and technical support from relevant government departments at all levels.

Light steel structure technology and product configuration is very mature, high degree of industrialization, is North America nearly a hundred years of building technology and building materials industry development crystallization.Galvanized steel plates used in the structure have excellent corrosion resistance and durability, with a service life of 275 years in normal use.The seismic performance of light steel structure is much better than that of traditional concrete and brick – concrete buildings.At the same time, due to the light weight of the structure of the light steel structure, the weight per unit area is only equivalent to the same area of the weight of the brick concrete structure 1/4, so its foundation is simple, suitable for most geological conditions.


Post time: Jun-18-2021