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As we all know,over the last century steel has been used in many applications around the construction industry. Usually,when one mentions a steel framing construction we think about heavy. Usually,when one mentions a steel framing construction we think about heavy welded rusted frames of a skyscraper or a warehouse in an industrial area. However,lately. the concept of a steel framing construction evolved to a modern concept of modulated light steel frames that we can use in more familiar setups in residential and commercial buildings as well.
light steel framing constructions are made of galvanized light gauge cold-formed steel profiles connected to form a grid in every direction. The panels and roof/floor trusses serve as the load-bearing system of the building. Also,the serve as support for the boarding materials,thus reducing the need for secondary structures.
While other industries tend to evolve a lot in terms of production methods,use of technology to aid processed,in factory advancements,the construction industry,mainly the residential sector seems to stagnate at the same practices used for too long.
The need for modern construction methods is compulsory to replace the traditional brick/concrete system and onsite building systems. These are time and resource draining,wasteful and dirty. Certainly,the light steel frame construction system proves to be by far the best solution that could revitalize the construction sector. Moreover,it can deliver high-quality solutions to the housing issues around the developed and undeveloped countries alike.
—high level of prefabrication for light steel framing construction
we produce the profiles on a CNC machine according to the designer specifications to the exact dimensions.ALL necessary operations done on the profiles to provide easy montage.
Finishing materials are as well prefabricated,boarding materials -OSB,cement boards,gypsum boards,etc.
—Amazing construction quality of the steel framing
Steel is a stable material that does not move,cracks or crumbles in time.Your doors and windows will open and close properly.All dimensions and angles as designed. Quality control is easy to follow from raw material to production and beyond.Steel will not rust as it is galvanized.
Minimum waste of materials for steel and finishing materials as well. We modulate the structure in the design phase to the dimensions of the finishing boarding materials.Reduced production and erection time. No need for a very skilled workforce as needed in bricklaying or wood construction because of prefabrication. The reduced over weight of the building will bring gains to foundations.

Post time: Mar-16-2023