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The Introduction and Advantages for the packing box type room

    The packing box type room is composed of the top frame component, the bottom frame component, the corner column and a number of interchangeable wall panels. The modular design concept and production technology are adopted to modularize a box room into standard parts and components, and then assemble or hoist it on the site to be used.This product takes the box body as the basic unit, the box body structure adopts the special cold-formed galvanized steel member, the enclosure insulation material adopts the non-combustible material, the plumbing electrical, the decoration and the supporting function are all prefabricated in the factory, does not need the second construction, the site assembly or the whole lifting and falling place can be moved in.Can be used alone, can also be through the horizontal and vertical direction of different combinations to form a spacious use of space and stack.

Packaging box room can be according to customer needs for internal decoration, can greatly improve the use of the process of comfort.The office building can be made of large-span foyer, and the foyer can be used to enhance the appearance image of the external hanging glass curtain wall. It has become the preferred configuration of the construction enterprise as the temporary office area.Flexible construction scheme can be provided. The layout of front closed corridor and middle corridor can be provided. Some walls can be made of glass Windows made of plastic steel and aluminum alloy to enhance the appearance effect.

   Packing type box room structure is simple, safe, low requirements on the foundation, has the characteristics of quick site installation, convenient movement and relocation, many turnover times, long service life, the product disassembly and no loss, no construction waste, can be used as office, accommodation, restaurant, bathroom, entertainment and combination of large space.It can meet the needs of construction project camp, municipal temporary housing, field operation barracks, emergency housing, schools, hospitals, tourist post, and all kinds of commercial housing.It has the characteristics of prefabrication, flexibility, energy saving and environmental protection, which is called the new “green building body”.

Advantages of packing box type room

1. Safe and reliable structure.Resistant to 11 level wind, equivalent to design wind pressure: 0.45KN/(Chinese standard);

2. Convenient packing and transportation.The product design fully considers the packaging and transportation links, can provide the best loading mode;Each 40 feet container (high box) can hold 6 standard units;

3. Waterproof roof.The roof of the house adopts the centralized drainage design, no need to do another waterproof treatment, avoid the risk of roof leakage;

4. Insulate.The core material of the envelope plate is A class fireproof material, thermal insulation: heat transfer coefficient (K/ M2.h.)0.47;

5..The structure is tight, resistant to moisture and corrosion.The building structure design is reasonable, the surface of the structure is anticorrosive and antirust treatment;Caigang composite plate itself has good moisture-proof and anticorrosive performance;

6. Easy to move.There is no need to disassemble and assemble the house after the installation is completed, and it can be hoisted and transported as a whole.

7. Indoor no glue: Indoor edge is embedded with specific profiles, no need to glue, prevent formaldehyde and other harmful gases, environmental protection and health.

8. Open indoor: the clear height of the room is above 2.5m, and the space experience is good.

9. All kinds of accessories, such as indoor ceiling, LCL and negative Angle, are installed by card, beautiful and tidy, easy to disassemble and maintain.

10. The corridor is spacious: office box, dormitory box, corridor box, staircase box, bathroom box, kitchen box, access control box, medical box, fire box……The functional categories of modules and units are complete to meet the needs of all parties.

Post time: Jun-25-2021