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Classification and application of OSB boards and related issues

OSB board health and environmental protection advantages, let it become the future of the most promising wood-based board species, which also won a broad space for the use of OSB board and development space. Here, Xiaobian has to say about the classification of OSB board!

China refers to the EN300 standard implemented by Europe, the OSB board is divided into four grades:

OSB1 is a general purpose non-bearing plate, suitable for interior decoration materials and furniture under dry conditions;

OSB2 is a bearing plate, suitable for dry conditions;

OSB3 is a bearing plate, suitable for wet conditions;

OSB4 is a load-bearing plate suitable for wet conditions.

The different grades of OSB boards are also different in different applications:

Decoration industry: OSB2 is mainly used for building and family use, is the joinery board, multi-layer board upgrade products;

Furniture industry: OSB2 due to the reconstituted wooden structure with bearing capacity and dimensional stability, excellent processing performance, suitable for making furniture;

Construction engineering: OSB3 for indoor and outdoor structural materials and decorative materials, concrete formwork, etc.

Flooring industry: OSB3 solid wood composite flooring substrate, instead of density board, jointing board, multi-layer board, with moisture-proof, stable performance, no deformation characteristics.

It is interesting that the plate in our cognition is generally used for internal partition, support or decoration, but in fact, in foreign countries, many people directly take OSB board to build a house. In particular, the use of OSB board is irreplaceable in steel frame construction, which is also called the “Canadian” building construction field.


Customer concerns


According to the fans’ daily message questions, Xiaobian sorted out a few questions related to the OSB board, here to do a unified answer. If you are interested, don’t miss it!


1. When choosing OSB board, is it right to choose the higher the better?

If you read this carefully, you will know that the answer is no. The four grades of OSB board are for different grades of environment and bearing capacity. It is the most important to choose the grade products that meet your own needs. At present on the market, the more widely used OSB2 and OSB3.


2. What are the advantages of the OSB board produced?

Based on the first complete production line of Sinbeierkomp OSB board in China, the solid wood slicing OSB board produced by Sinbeierkomp adopts high quality radiata pine log from Australia to process long wood planer and MDI glue as adhesives, mixing and sizing evenly, directional paving, continuous flat pressing, without adding formaldehyde in the whole production process, the finished product is healthy and environmentally friendly, and has strong physical properties. In addition, we can also customize products with different specifications and different performance according to customer requirements, such as flame retardant OSB board with flame retardant performance, so that your home is safer.


3. Is the Ousong board the same as the Ousong board?

Ousong board and Ousong board are similar in pronunciation, but they are completely different boards. Ausson board is OSB board, while Ausson board is a kind of wood-based board produced by using peeling radiative pine imported from Australia as raw material. With different glues, Ausson board can be produced to environmental protection levels such as aldehyde-free grade and E0 grade, or with moisture-proof performance. Among them, Ausson board without aldehyde-free grade is the most popular among consumers.


4, OSB board can be directly used for surface decoration?

You can. OSB board surface unique pattern, in addition to directly show the original color of the log, the OSB board after coating also has a unique decorative effect, by the designer’s clever arrangement, show a different decorative style, is a good choice of materials to create individual nature space.

Post time: Jul-01-2021