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Development history of light steel villa at home and abroad

Recently, in the housing market blew a burst of “light steel villa wind”, this new thing has caused a lot of people to pay attention to. Light steel house appeared in China in the 1990s. Today, the technology of steel structure building is mature, promoted by the country, and it has officially entered the public’s vision. So foreign developed countries are how to build a house? Due to the strengthening of environmental awareness and the shortage of wood and other factors, many countries such as the United States, Japan, Britain, Australia, are actively promoting the application and development of low-rise light steel villas.

As early as 1960s, Australia put forward the concept of “rapid installation of prefabricated housing”, but because the market is not mature, it has not been well developed. In 1987, high strength cold-formed thin-walled steel structure appeared, and the joint specification of Australia and New Zealand, as / nzs4600 cold-formed structural steel, was issued and implemented in 1996. This kind of steel has high bearing capacity. Compared with the same bearing capacity of wood, it is only 1 / 3 of the weight of wood. The surface is galvanized. Under the condition of no overhaul, the durability can reach 75 years.

Light steel houses are growing fastest in the United States. In 1965 young steel houses accounted for only 15% of the construction market in the United States; In 1990 it had risen to 53 per cent, while in 1993 it had risen to 68 per cent and by 2000 it had risen to 75 per cent. The standardization, serialization, specialization, commercialization and socialization of residential components and components are almost 100%. The leasing of various construction machinery, equipment and instruments is very developed, and the commercialization degree reaches 40%.

In recent years, light steel keel system building with cold-formed steel is a new construction method which is developing rapidly in Europe and America. It is widely used in villas, houses, scenic spots, office clubs, schools, hospitals, commercial buildings and so on. In Australia, about $600 million of light steel keel detached houses are built each year 120,000, accounting for about 24% of the value of all construction business in Australia; In America the number of homes built using this system jumped from 55,000 in the mid-1990s to 325,000 in 2000. At present, this kind of light steel villa has become the main architectural structure form in developed countries.

Post time: Mar-18-2021